In a continuous rooting and uprooting that has had a great impact on the way I interpret life, there is a somewhat utopian illusion of building a kind of cosmopolitan paradise, a kind of contemporary Babylon, even if it is only in my artistic production.

My work is structured around reflections on efficiency or, at times, deficiency in communication that is always linked to social and cultural aspects and therefore intercultural communication becomes even more complex.

In my work, I explore concepts such as memory, identity, communication, belonging, place / home, displacement, etc. in order to better understand our relationship with the environment that affects us, builds us and conditions our own existence.

I use multiple disciplines in my work, such as installation, interactivity, video, photography and drawing. The hybridization of technology with traditional techniques opens a different path in my artistic production that allows me to get closer to the viewer, trying to immerse in an empathic and moving experience. That is why many of my creations are based on interaction with the public, which becomes an essential part and completes the work itself. My installations therefore transform into places of experiences, spaces for reflection and introspection.