About me

About me

Denica Veselinova (Bulgarian-born, Madrid-based artist) started her art studies at the age of 12, followed by a specialized high school degree in fine arts at the National Fine Arts High School akad. Ilia Petrov in Sofia, Bulgaria (1996-2001). She consequently received a BA in Fine Arts at Complutense University of Madrid (2002-2007) and a Masters in “Arts, Creation and Research” in the same faculty (2007-2008). In 2006-2007 she accomplish a scholarship “Séneca”, University of La Laguna, Tenerife and in 2005-2006 “Erasmus” – a scholarship in the Accademy of Fine Arts, Rome. She obtained a research grant by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of La Laguna and the Contemporary Engraving Center of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2006-2007). In 2008 she obtained a scholarship in the Painting and New Technologies Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid. In 2011-2014 she obtained a training and research grant from Aula Mentor, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

In 2016 she was awarded in Circuitos of Fine Arts (Edition XXVII) of the Community of Madrid with NotMakeSense (interactive video installation project) and selected by the jury to pursue an artist residency at LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Center, Gijón, with Mouthsaic (interactive installation, March 2017).

Denica has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, Italy, England, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece.

She has presented solo exhibitions at AMPA Gredos San Diego Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Spain; Báculo Gallery, Madrid, Spain; Spanish-Bulgarian Center, Madrid Spain; Contemporary Printmaking Center of the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; Gallery of  “Kliment Ohridski” University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Her works have been shown at various video art festivals: MADATAC, Madrid, Spain; Electrocuciones, Madrid, Spain; Espacioenter, Canary Islands, Spain; Miden de Kalamata, Greece; Digital Art Festival Taipei, Taiwan. Denica was awarded the “Most promising video artist” in MADATAC Festival, 2010.


The interest in “territorial” or “des-territorialization“ type of problems, derived from exile, arises as a result of my condition as a displaced artist; my origin and my constant attempt to put together a picture, dyed in childhood memories.

A somewhat utopian dream is hiding in a continuous process of rooting and uprooting, which has been marking my memories, an illusion of building a kind of cosmopolitan paradise, a kind of a Babylon, even if it only was in my artistic production.

Using representative strategies, I have been trying to recreate the challenges I have faced, from unknown and arduous situations, where the lack of a place where I feel “at home” has been the main alleged factor. Issues such as migration, belonging, place, displacement, identity, and distance have been a prime interest.

In my work I try to capture the richness of a cosmopolitan view acquired by a wandering lifestyle, as well as illustrating the experiences of other migrants. Therefore, my work could be rendered in the nomadic arts, as it reflects not only my personal experience but also the permanent migrations that make up our society.