series of drawings

“Mouthsaic” (2018) is a series of drawings on handmade and aged paper. The choice of paper is intended by the slight similarity with the human skin from which the mouth emerges. Through the metaphorical obstacles it is intended to illustrate the difficulties that can be encountered for a correct communication.

The series borrows the title of the interactive installation “Mouthsaic”, since it has been the source of inspiration for its realization, observing the difficulties of the participants. In fact they have been exhibited for the first time in the framework of the exhibition Des-Comunicados in the gallery Set Espai D’Art, Valencia, together with the interactive installation. 16 drawings have been placed in the same way that the mosaic of the installation is displayed. The exhibition can be visited until March 16.

Each drawing has an approximate size of 21x29cm.


  • Gallery Set Espai D’Art, Valencia (From January 19 to March 16, 2018)